American Advertising Awards Buffalo

The Vicarious Vendetta!

Once a championship team, they’re now bitter rivals. The fun-loving aloofness of the Creative Genius doesn’t sit well with the straight-ahead style of Account Supervisor Mary. She’s had it with his missed deadlines, sloppiness, and demeaning attitude. He hates the way she walks. And looks. And everything about her. Be there as they finally settle the score
LIVE at RiverWorks.

Follow the rivalry all the way to March 10! What?

Bloody Mary

The Creative Genius

Sexy Stats

Dirty Details

Make it damn personal.

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Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary runs this show.
The Genius binge watched The Gilmore Girls.
Make the logo bigger bitch!!
This is your final deadline.

The Creative Genius

Don't you dare rush the genius!
The stick up Mary's butt has a stick up its butt.
I'd love to see your book!
KERN this!

Scream at your favorite local grapplers!

Taunt us all.

Let’s hear it for your agency stable, your favorite ad, or just the marketing ability you ooze.
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Here’s a little inspiration for all you ambitious little animals out there. Submit your video by Wednesday, March 1, to be included in the show.